Certa Fides' Meltdown Analyzer



The US national ice cream day 2020 was an excellent occasion to remember the preconditions to create a perfect ice cream - lot of passion, best ingredients and  leading equipment.


Welcome to the company providing world's first Ready-to-Use measurement system for professional meltdown tests (drip tests) of ice cream combining image and weight analysis at all.






About Meltdown Analyser TC2


The Meltdown Analyser TC2 (short: MDATC2) is a complete measurement system to measure the meltdown behavior of ice cream by means of image- and weight analysis. Up to 4 samples can be measured at the same time for a measurement duration of up to 24 hours. The temperature is controlled independently from ambient (room temperature). Every 5 seconds, the MDATC2 takes a picture and measures weight, ambient temperature and relative humidity. The results are objective and quantitative. A broad range of values for quantification of meltdown behavior is provided to ice cream specialists. Moreover, it is easily possible to create impressive movies of ice cream meltdown tests, by means of which you may communicate and transfer your key messages to people without technical background within 3-4 seconds. Comprehensive Excel and pdf reports are easily created. Feature MDA Excelreport enables to create Excel reports with a broad range of customization possibilities to address the situative requirements on specific report. Option 8 Cameras enables to also record what's happening under the mesh (screen) an on the drip pan, so that the full picture of the melting test is provided to the ice cream specialists. The MDATC2 is a ready to use system. Commissioning and training over 2 subsequent days on customer site by a Certa Fides engineer or technician is integrated part of scope of delivery so that customers benefit from day 1 after commissioning from full capacity of the MDATC2.



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